The GreenRabbit                                            £6

Avocado, Grilled Artichokes, our homemade pesto (Nuts) and rocket on toasted sourdough bread, GF Bread Available*


The Hungry Rabbit                                         £5.5

Grilled and marinated mushrooms, Greek style cheese, red onion, roasted red peppers and rocket in grilled sourdough, GF bread available*

Ham & Cheese Toastie                                  £5.5

With mustard, smoked Gouda and Tofurky ham, grilled i sourdough bread 


Haggis & Cheese toasted Sandwich               £5.5

Vegan haggis and smoked Gouda

BLT                                                                          £5

Black Rabbit Bakon, mayo, crispy lettuce and tomato on toasted white bread   

Nae Egg & Cress sandwich                                £4.5

Free range Tofu mayo and cress on toasted white bread, GF bread available*

Breakfast rolls and bagels

Breakfast Roll                                                £4.5

With 2 fillings of your choice:

Tofu Mayo “Egg”, Black Rabbit Bakon, Vegan Haggis, Lorne Sausage


Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel                                 £5

Vegan Smoked Salmon , cream cheese, cucumber, dill and capers, GF bagel available*

Black Rabbit Bagel                                                     £5.5

Avocado, tomato, lettuce and Black Rabbit Bakon

Fresh cruffins and croissants baked everyday

Daily changing cakes 

Savoury pastries

Seasonal sandwiches

The Rarebit                                         £6.5

Our own take on the Welsh rarebit, made with cheddar, rarebit sauce and sticky caramelised marmite glazed red onions grilled in sourdough bread

Pepperoni Melt                              £7

Red pesto, vegan pepperoni and artisan melty cheese with a hint of smoke and spice paprika, grilled on white bread

The Katsu baguette                          £7.5

This Isn’t Chicken nuggets, crispy iceberg lettuce, gherkin, spring onion, katsu curry sauce and mayo (add Sriracha for an extra kick)

Sham and bakon toastie                £7.5

Truffled artisan vegan camembert, Black Rabbit bakon and apple and ale chutney, grilled on white bread.

*Please note that while this product is made without gluten, we cannot guarantee that it will be gluten free.